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This week for our Topic of the Week we were asked to chose  a second Guest Blogger! I chose Kacie Whigham! I’ve had many classes with Kacie during our college careers! Kacie wants to be a wedding planner so many of her blogs have to do with weddings, which I personal find interesting! The blog I […]

For this week’s T.O.W. we were asked to feature a guest writer. The guest writer I chose is Marie Walker, she is a fellow classmate of mine and she also  featured my blog post on Toyota moving in the right direction on her blog. I really enjoyed Marie’s take on the Lindsay Lohan/Superbowl commercial controversy. I […]

For my Topic of the Week for this week we were supposed to reflect on the topic of  what is it that makes a simple little video like “David After Dentist” become a Viral Video? And then to share two other videos that went viral! For those of you that haven’t seen “David After Dentist,”(found […]

For our topic of the week we were asked to listen to Barbara Nixon’s interview with Kneale Mann, and write our response to the interview. What Did I Learn? “Circle of Influence”: Kneale described how people are more likely to make decisions via their circle of influence. However, with the introduction of Social Media your “Circle […]

For the Topic of the Week for this week, we were asked to view at interview our professor, Barbara Nixon, had with Martin Waxman. After we viewed the interview we were asked to respond to the video. Martin Waxman, is the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc., a public relations agency in Canada. […]

This week we were asked to create a profile on PR Open Mic, that step was already done for me, I created a PROPENMIC account over a year ago, and have 3 friends, and haven’t used it at all. Therefore, I am committed to using it more, and this time I mean it! If you […]

This week we were asked to discuss Podcasts and their importance among PR Majors and organizations. Creating a podcast can be used as a way for an organization to promote their company or their product. Podcasts can also serve as a way to get information out, that is more appealing to the public. Watching a […]