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According to PR newswire’s article, “Toyota Reports March and First Quarter Sales,” Toyota is experiencing a 35.3 percent increase in sales from the same month last year. Don Esmond, Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations for Toyota said, “Toyota’s strong sales performance in March reflects our customers’ continued confidence in the safety and reliability of our […]

After searching through PROpenMic I found a blog post by Richard Bailey titled “PR Student 2.0.” Mr Bailey described the difference between the PR 1.0 student and the PR 2.0 student, and the importance of being the 2.0 student. He described a PR Student 1.0 student as a student that is principally motivated by assignments, […]

After reading PR Week’s article, “Tiger Woods Calls in Former White House Press Chief Ari Fleishcher for Advice,”  I have realized the importance of how Public Relations Professionals are to celebrities like Tiger Woods. The article discussed how Ari Fleishcher who work for George W. Bush has been brought in to reintroduce Tiger Woods, after his […]

Lately, while watching tv I have noticed many more commericals are airing by Toyota. After the recalls that Toyota has had to face in the past few months, Toyota is now having to drive to handle the crisis of a tainted image of their companies reliability and safety. Their commericals have promised their viewers that […]

Marah Lidey  posted “Social Media on a PR Resume?” on PR Openmic. Her blog post discussed her recent trip to Atlanta for a conference held by PRSA. During her conference she was asked when approached by employers about her experience with social media. From there she got to thinking about how social media is taking over the […]

Bravo’s new show Kell on Earth, shows Public Relations practitioner, Kelly C in the world of fashion public relations. Kelly Cutrone is president and co-owner of People’s Revolution. People’s Revolution is a popular PR company to the world of television as it was seen in MTV’s reality shows “The Hills,” and “The City,” as both Lauren Conrad, […]

Airframe and PR


This week for my PR Connection I decided to write about how public relations is portayed in a book I am reading: Michael Crichton’s Airframe. The book is a story about Casey, a Vice President of Norton Industries, a company that builds planes. Casey goes from VP to PR when there is a plane “malfunction,” resulting […]