Reading Notes Chapter 11 & 12


This week we were asked to read Chapters 11 & 12 in the Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization. The chapters discussed Social Media Tools and using the toools to optimize your website. As a social media newbie I was really interested to read in these chapters all the awesome things you can do with Social tools and to pump up your website.

  • Social Calendars: Are something the book suggests using as a way to get extra exposure, they offer a convenient way for you to post your events in one place . The book recominds using Upcoming because users can search for upcoming events in their region, confirm their attendance at events and share eventswith others.
  • Social Pages: Social Pages are cool becasue instead of creating a page about yourself, you create a page on a particular topic. This works well with search engines because visitors can simple search a simple topic

The book gives a few questions to ask yourself to determine if your website is optimized:

  • Can users interact with the content?
  • Can visitors share the content easily with others?
  • Does the site encourage collaboration?

In order to make your site optimized the book suggests:

  • Integrate your images using Flickr or other image sites
  • Integrate your videos using YouTube or other video sites
  • Integrate other social tools: like calendars and wikis

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