Toyota is Looking Up!


According to PR newswire’s article, “Toyota Reports March and First Quarter Sales,” Toyota is experiencing a 35.3 percent increase in sales from the same month last year.

Don Esmond, Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations for Toyota said, “Toyota’s strong sales performance in March reflects our customers’ continued confidence in the safety and reliability of our vehicles and their trust in the brand.” He continued by saying: “We are standing by our cars, and we’re grateful that our customers are standing by Toyota.”

Honestly, I think this is really interesting information considering the recall situation that Toyota has been facing. Recently, Toyota ads are constantly on the television (one is on the television, as I type) and they are constantly showing testimonials by Toyota owners about how they still love their Toyota.

This shows how a company even with facing a tough situation like Toyota’s recall can use Public Relations effectively to clean up their image. This also shows that with a traditionally popular and reliable company like Toyota a recall can not convince everyone against their product.

An example like the Toyota Recall shows the importance in Public Relations with crisis management. I believe that Toyota did a good job of addressing the situation. They took the fault for their product and promised their customers a change. They then worked to alleviate the situation and the worked to reverse the situation. While obviously the situation would be better being avoided completely it seems that while it was a bad situation it helped Toyota to take a second look at their product and their image. They have had a more successful month than last year and maybe their increase in advertisements about their tradition of quality product helped to renew their image. This shows with using Public Relations effectively most companies can get out of a “sticky” situation.


17 Responses to “Toyota is Looking Up!”

  1. 1 Natalia

    Hello Mackenzie, I really enjoyed this post. I agree that Toyota has done a pretty good job of utilizing public relations techniques to smooth over the situation with the recall. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if they were doing everything they could to really show consumers that they were trying to correct the situation but I see now especially with the increase in sales that they have done a good job of reassuring consumers that they do have their best interest mind and they do still provide good products.Great Links!
    Twitter: @Sotal4Beez

  2. 2 marielorelei

    I think it’s definitely a great thing that Toyota has decided to release these commercials to help rebuild their brand image. There’s only one issue that I have with their commercials and that’s whether or not the people in the ads are real Toyota customers or not. In today’s society there is so much deceit in advertising that it’s hard to know if you’re being told the truth. I am sure that there are plenty of Toyota customers out there that care about the company and plan on being loyal despite the company’s present issues. On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder if they didn’t just find a few actors to say nice things about them.

  3. I agree the public relations is big when it comes to crisis management. I also agree that Toyota has done a fairly good job of handling their crisis. I was at a PR conference last month and one of the sessions was on crisis management. The speaker made a really god point when he said that there are two things Americans hate more than anything; a liar and a cheat. When a crisis occurs, you need to act fast and when you address the media you have to come across as being sincere. The public doesn’t want to be lied to and they don’t want to be cheated out of information. Be honest and forthcoming with information. Above all, talk to the media. If you don’t talk, someone else will. The media is going to get their information whether you provide it or not and if it doesn’t come from you, the media can hurt you with it.

  4. Hi MacKenzie! You did a great job covering the Toyota Pick-Up. I think that it is great that they are experiencing an increase in sales even though they have been going through a lot of recalls with their vehicles. I believe their pr team did a great job handling the situation. I am looking to going into crisis management after I complete grad school and this case would be great topic to study.

  5. 5 laur22

    You made some excellent points about how Toyota is attempting to repair their image after the all of the recalls. It is obviously crucial for them to act fast and appropriate in the wake of the recent crisis. Toyota is such a big name in cars, and it surprises me that they have actually had an increase in sales during the past month. They must have some excellent PR or some extremely loyal customers! Either way, it seems the public relations tactics that they are using are having a positive impact on their brand. Having a crisis or problem is inevitable with any company, so it is important to have a good backup plan ready. It seems the Toyota PR had ideas ready and used them in a good way.

  6. 6 kdwhigham

    Wow! This really surprised me! I knew they weren’t doing horrible after the recall, but I didn’t think their sales would be up from last year! They must have an amazing Public Relations team to be able to accomplish that after such a major recall. Both my brother and dad have toyotas and while I know they are not worried about their cars, I’m not sure if their avid toyota users anymore. Talk about good crisis management! This PR team deserves an award! lol!

  7. 7 marielorelei

    I’ve listen this blog post as one of my topic of the week’s for the be my guest section. I added links to your blog and gave full credit to your for your authorship. Please let me know if you have any reservations about this. Thanks, Marie.

  8. I am actually shocked that Toyota has been able to turn their image around! Horror stories have come out including one about a Minnesota man who has been wrongfully imprisoned for killing three people in his Toyota Camry when he claimed that he was stomping on the brakes. The jury didn’t believe him, and now it turns out that of course the brakes failed since it was a Camry! The defense is now calling it the “Toyota Defense”. That is terrible publicity for Toyota. (source) Also the email from the Toyota exec that surfaced which warned in January “we need to come clean” (source) should have made the public extremely angry about the deaths that could have been avoided. I for one am shocked that Toyota has been able to turn their image around!

  9. Hey Mackenzie! So I finally found your blog! I like this entry because I have a Toyota and I must say, I love it! Although my car is very very old (a whole 17 years), it still runs great and has never given me any major problems. I had always thought about getting a new Toyota after this one finally dies, but then I heard about all the problems they were having and I thought twice. I mean, who really wants to be scared for their life going 80+ mph on a highway with failing breaks!?
    But they’ve taken a step in the right direction, in terms of PR, to get their fan base back. I’ve seen the ads on TV and they are really trying to tell people that they are working on their issues and they want their customers to have faith in them. I hope they get everything figured out! I’m glad they are doing better in sales now. 🙂 Thanks!!

  10. 10 mbutle

    Let me start by saying that I am so a Toyota fan. Even though they have have a bit of negative publicity lately my heart will never waiver from how I feel. The recall will be a problem now, but I predict that the public will forget about it in no time.

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