T.O.W #13- Videos going “Viral”


For my Topic of the Week for this week we were supposed to reflect on the topic of  what is it that makes a simple little video like “David After Dentist” become a Viral Video? And then to share two other videos that went viral!

For those of you that haven’t seen “David After Dentist,”(found above) it’s a video that was passed like wildfire through YouTube. The video shows a little kid “David,” who just came back from the dentist. What makes the video funny is the fact that David is a little drugged up on laughing gas! I think what makes a video like “David After Dentist,” so viral is if it follows a few key things. Videos need to be universally funny, meaning videos that anyone of any gender, race or age would think is funny. Videos, should also be relatable or a likely situation. Most people have had a trip to the dentist, or have known someone who has had a trip to the dentist, and would understand a situation that David is going through.

Another Video that has gone “Viral” is “Charlie Bit My Finger.” This video involves two little children being filmed by their parents. Charlie is the youngest and he keeps biting his older brother’s finger, the kicker is that they have cute British accents. What makes this video so viral is the “Cute” factor. Charlie and his older brother are so adorable that the video is funny. It also goes along with the relatable theme. While not everyone can relate to someone biting their finger they can put themselves into this situation and understand what is going on.

Lastly, a video that I personally LOVE is the “The Sneezing BabyPanda.” This video went viral because it was also cute, adorable and funny. It’s also a popular YouTube video because it’s not something you’d see everyday. While many videos are possible because they are situations you encounter, this video is popular because many people do not come into contact with Pandas.

In my opinion, a video becomes “Viral” for a few reasons. A video should be universally understood, funny, relatable to every age, race and gender, and they should be simple. A simple message makes a video quick and to the point and creates a video to quickly catch on.


7 Responses to “T.O.W #13- Videos going “Viral””

  1. 1 marielorelei

    Maybe it’s just me but I think that the “David After Dentist” video is kind of sad and not really funny. I felt bad for the poor kid being so drugged up that he was almost out of his mind. I didn’t even smile or snicker even once while watching the video which definitely makes me wonder why it went viral in the first place. Then again the whole issue of making viral videos can be tricky because there’s no steadfast guide plan as to how to make a viral video. It just has to be funny and unique and generate lots of interest. Maybe the video went viral because other people out there thought it was kind of sad like I did and decided to share it with friends or maybe there are people out there that actually thought it was funny and I’m just the odd man out.

  2. These videos are really cute! The 2nd I loved! The british accents and babies makes for hit in America! Good job explaining them all!

  3. 3 laur22

    I think the sneezing baby panda video is so cute! And Charlie bit my finger is one of my all-time favorites as well. Viral videos are great because they are simple and appeal to people of all ages. While some of them can be completely ridiculous and stupid in my opinion, I love looking them up when I am having a bad day or simply want a good laugh. Viral videos are so popular because anyone can relate to them and upload them in seconds. It is truly amazing how many videos and webcasts sites like YouTube have! I imagine it is millions. Watching videos online is like having “America’s Funniest Home Videos” at your fingertips. I love it!

  4. 4 Jessica Cameron

    OH MY GOSH! The sneezing baby panda about gave me a heart attack! So cute and so funny that it scares mama panda to death! Most of the viral videos that have become so popular are just things that happen in everyday life, like peopling falling or babies dancing, or animals just living their lives. Why do these things catch on so quickly and spread so fast? Is it because we get to watch people fall down, like most of us do, and because we aren’t the ones hurting ourselves it becomes humorous? Who knows, but I definitely love sitting on YouTube going through funny viral videos.

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