Be a PR Student 2.0


After searching through PROpenMic I found a blog post by Richard Bailey titled “PR Student 2.0.” Mr Bailey described the difference between the PR 1.0 student and the PR 2.0 student, and the importance of being the 2.0 student.

He described a PR Student 1.0 student as a student that is principally motivated by assignments, not by attendance points or participation, this 1.0 student likes to get through with the minimum amount of work possible.

He described the PR Student 2.0 is different this student knows the border objectives than the degree qualification. This student is focused on gaining work experience, networking (on and offline) and building her brand reputation.

He said that to him it’s obvious that PR Student 2.0 would be the obvious choice to higher. I think that with new technology and with the tough job market, you have to strive to be PR Student 2.0. It is exciting to me to see that today people are looking for students that are motivated by gaining work experience and networking, one of the greatest things about studying Public Relations is that I feel many people I go to class with are motivated by just that.

Obviously, I am motivated by doing well in class, but overall I like to ask questions, because I want to know how I can apply things in the “real world.” Also, I realize to be a PR Student 2.0, you need to use social media to your best advantage. You should show that you are staying current with technology, and putting your best foot forward. I feel that it’s important in Public Relations to get your name heard and what better way to market yourself than to use social media!  

I feel that being a PR Student 2.0 is very important for succeeding in today’s Public Relations world!


5 Responses to “Be a PR Student 2.0”

  1. I agree that in this day we need to be PR students 2.0. We have to be able to adapt to the changing world around us as it continues to change. Knowledge of social media is something that can bump students to that 2.0 level. At the same time, I agree that motivation is a necessary. Students must be motivated outside of the classroom. They must seek out opportunities to sharpen their skills and gain valuable work experience. They must be motivated to network with professionals instead of being intimidated by them. Today, more than ever, students need to step it up to the next level if they want to be valuable in the job market. We as students must transition from PR students 1.0 to 2.0.

  2. 2 mbutle

    Hmmm, this was an interesting post because I never knew that one point could cause so much difference. I would consider myself a combination between 1.0 and 2.0. I dont do everything for participation points, since I am genuinely interested in PR since I chose it as my major. But yes there are some things that I do specifically for a grade and I am not afraid to admit it.

  3. Mackenzie,
    I loved this post. It seemed so honest and inspirational. I love the part where you talked about staying motivated and how you feel that the people you are surrounded by in your classes are motivated individuals as well. I have to say that the peers in our major really do step it up! I am constantly if not being challenged by our Public Relations professors, the students. I feel like many of the people I sit next to are always asking awesome questions and ready to learn and tackle new advances in our education, which will make them ultimately a 2.0 student. It’s so important to be keeping up with social media and whats going on currently in our environments. This is what companies are now looking for, and I feel like our classmates are just the people who know how to provide the experience. Thanks for this post.
    -Kati Ann

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