T.O.W #12– Interview with Kneale Mann


For our topic of the week we were asked to listen to Barbara Nixon’s interview with Kneale Mann, and write our response to the interview.

What Did I Learn?

  • “Circle of Influence”: Kneale described how people are more likely to make decisions via their circle of influence. However, with the introduction of Social Media your “Circle of Influence,” has gone from simply your personal friends you know at home, to friends half way around the world! I really never thought of this as something that came from Social Media, but realizing how many people I “tweet” with that I do not know in person makes me realize how this is true.
  • I also learned about Social Media when working for a company. Kneale said that you are always on record and that you represent that company with everything. I really do agree with this, with Facebook you are able to put the network for the company you work for, and if someone searches that network, and you have an inappropriate photo, that will reflect on your entire company! It’s important for everyone who uses Social Media to remember that!

What Surprised Me?

  • Kneale really stressed the importance of blogging, and what surprised me the most, is how important he feels blogging is. As a student, and a “newbie” to social media, I think one of my biggest issues is feeling like I do not know what to write that people will care about. Kneale said that he was the same way when he started, and that makes me feel a lot more confident as a new blogger.
  • Kneale gave the advice to: “Just WRITE!” he said it is not about the numbers, it’s about what you’re interested in and what your focus is!  I think as a new blogger, I am really concerned with numbers and I realized that when I write about something I am interested in, others that are interested with find an interest as well.

What do I want to know more about?

  • Kneale said that if you do social media properly, when you meet someone you’ve talked to on social media sites, in person, it will be like “eliminating the first three dates,” when you meet them. I guess I would really like to know more about advice he has for doing “social media properly.” Maybe advice on how to be a good microblogger and more.

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