T.O.W 9 & 10: Using PROPENMIC


This week we were asked to create a profile on PR Open Mic, that step was already done for me, I created a PROPENMIC account over a year ago, and have 3 friends, and haven’t used it at all. Therefore, I am committed to using it more, and this time I mean it! If you have a PROPENMIC account request to my be friend on my page.

PROpenMic has a lot to offer current Public Relations students, and recent grads. First of all, the site is created as a way for Public Relations majors, minors, professionals, former professionals, etc. to network and communicate. That itself shows how using PROPENMIC is a wonderful bonus for students and recent grads. Students and Recent Grads should use it as a way to showcase themselves, their experience and their accomplishments. It’s also a great way that they can find other professionals, as a way to connect themselves for jobs, and just sometime to follow for advice.

Through using PROpenMic, I have stumbled on some pretty cool things. One of my favorite things is the blog list. The blog list has tons and tons of blog posts that PROPENMIC users have posted. Honestly, it’s wonderful because while these blogs are all posted by people who are exposed to Public Relations in their lives, the blogs are all still diverse, as PROpenMic is used by people in their different walks of life (in PR). I am able to understand and agree with many students that are blogging on PRopenmic and also learn and gain experience from professionals that are blogging.

Secondly, one of the biggest values of PROpenMic is the job/intern section. Through clicking the job/intern section students, professionals, and recent grads are able to search for job and internship opportunities. I have been looking through this a lot as I am graduating in December. Many of the jobs on the site are very cool and exciting jobs as well.

Lastly, On PROpenMic it under resources there is #Prstudchat this is a cool resource for students, pr professionals, and pr professors to communicate about Public relations. It’s just a really cool idea for students to get questions answered by Public Relations Professional.

Through surfing through PROpenMic more, and giving it a chance, I have really seen how becoming a true user of PROpenMic, I can really benefit from it, along with many others.


3 Responses to “T.O.W 9 & 10: Using PROPENMIC”

  1. I created an account because it was required but now I am finding that it is really beneficial. I find myself using the job/internship feature most. It is helpful to look at because you don’t have to filter through marketing and advertising jobs but everything is specifically geared to public relations. The other thing I really like is the chat feature. It is a great way to network as well as get ideas on projects and papers. I have also found it useful in looking into Grad school. Talking with other students in the programs is the best way to find out the inside info on a school.

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