Social Networking & Micro-Blogging


For our reading notes this week we were asked to read chapter 6, of the “Survival Guide to Social Media & Web 2.0 Optimization.”

After reading this chapter, I’ve learned some interesting new things about Social Networking & Micro-Blogging and it’s importance.

  • The book says that a good social networking strategy includes establishing a healthy presence in one or more of the staple networking sites like: Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIN, and Twitter.

The author then gave a few important tips to follow when joining a social or professional network:

  • Read & Follow the site’s Term of Use
  • Complete your profile using prepared material, including your best key terms
  • Upload a profile image or logo when available
  • Integrate other social tools and sites into your presence
  • Invite friends and colleagues to join your network
  • Choose your friends wisely; do not just add anyone who asks; do not just add anyone who asks; check out their profile first
  • Promote your page or profile on your Website or blog.

When setting up your page it’s important that:

  • In your general information you include: your name, business or book name, email addresses, urls, instant messaging screen names
  • Your Biographical info should include: short bio (50 words), Longer bio (100 words), short company description (50 words), longer company description (100 words), business mission statement

When using Social Networking and Micro-Blogging it’s important to keep these tips in-mind to have a professional and successful appearance!


3 Responses to “Social Networking & Micro-Blogging”

  1. 1 Jayme

    I love PROpenMic!! I might say I enjoy it way more than I do Linkedin, but then again I’m biased. A site that caters to just our profession…oh yeah!! I think PROpenMic is a very good and beneficial tool for people like us who are just now starting our PR careers. It is a lot of people on there willing to help us with things we will need to succeed in the future and they are willing to network with us and let us use some of their connections and everything. I enjoy it and I bet you will too once you play around with it a little more.

  2. 2 Jayme

    I definitely posted this comment on the wrong post…ooops!! Sorry!

  1. 1 What I Had to Say…My Comments « Let's Get Social

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