Toyota Cleaning up the mess..


Lately, while watching tv I have noticed many more commericals are airing by Toyota. After the recalls that Toyota has had to face in the past few months, Toyota is now having to drive to handle the crisis of a tainted image of their companies reliability and safety.

Their commericals have promised their viewers that they are committed to giving their customers better service, and continued hard-work. They also mentioned that they realize they have not been doing the best to help their customers and that their customers deserve better.

I think Toyota has a done an excellent job with admitting their faults and comitting themselves to their customers that there will be an improvement. While others may think having to recall several cars is a complete disaster (which it is,) it can also be a positive thing for the company. Toyota can now re-evaluate and improve their company, their product, and their customer service. This is similar to Domino’s Pizza and their efforts to go head on and fix their customers complaints on their pizza, and their improvements to their new and improved pizza.

I think many other companies can learn from Toyotas crisis, and should development plans of action, as this could happen to any company. Toyota airing more commericals than before is just one way that toyota is reminding their customers, and potential customers of foundation of Toyota and the changings they are striving to make.

Overall, I think Toyota has made positive strides in the right direction and I look forward to their improvements.


One Response to “Toyota Cleaning up the mess..”

  1. 1 mattmauney

    Hey Mackenzie, hope all is well with you. I actually wrote a similar post on my blog about Toyota. Personally I’m not sure how I feel about Toyota’s response to the problems and recalls they have recently underwent. The marketing campaign they have developed recently, called Toyota Stories, seems a little corny and cheesy to me. There is no way to tell if the people in these commercials are actual Toyota owners and supporters, or if they are simply paid actors that are will to say all the positive things in the world about the auto company for a price. Personally, I feel that Toyota should focus more on fixing the problems that they are having with their vehicles, rather than airing these types of commercials. I think people are more likely to believe news reports and news articles about how Toyota has corrected all the problems than they are to believe these cliche commercials.

    Also, I liked how you related this crisis to the one that Domino’s dealt with. I was in Mrs. Nixon’s Intro to PR class last spring and we discussed that and how Domino’s went about dealing with it.

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