T.O.W #8- Podcasting


This week we were asked to discuss Podcasts and their importance among PR Majors and organizations.

Creating a podcast can be used as a way for an organization to promote their company or their product. Podcasts can also serve as a way to get information out, that is more appealing to the public. Watching a video, or listening to an audio helps to portray the emotion a person may carry when speaking about a subject. This emotion can help listeners/viewers feel more comfortable or understanding with a project. Individuals can also use podcasts as an alternative to writing a traditional blog post. Podcasts can serve as a way to make a blogger appear more credible and insightful. The podcast can also help the readers feel like they know the blogger in a more personal way.

Popular services for creating podcasts are Audio Acrobat and HipCast. With these sites users can record, publish, and promote a podcast.

Lastly, Podcasts can be beneficial to Public Relations students. Public Relations students can follow different podcasts, to hear about what everyday Public Relations practitioners are up to. These podcasts could help to give aspiring PR Professionals some day-to-day information on what “real life,” in the public relations field is like. Public Relations students can also  follow and respond to Podcasts published by Professionals as a way find a future for them. Public Relations students can learn the do’s and don’ts from the Public Relations field, along with meet and connect with other majors and professional through the use of Podcasts.

In my opinion Podcasting is a more modern and advanced form of blogging. Using podcasts can help to make you blog look more professional, and gives your blog a more high-tech and savvy appearance. I think using podcasts are another way to get your voice heard, and get more buzz about yourself, your company or your product.


2 Responses to “T.O.W #8- Podcasting”

  1. 1 smcclou3

    Thanks for the information on Podcast. I’m in Nixon’s Practicum class and we had the option of doing several types of portfolios or none at all. I opted to a digital portfolio in the form of a website; because I think knowing how to create a website is beneficial as well as building a brand. But, the one part I’m dreading the most is having to create a podcast. All of the positive things you said still couldn’t change my mind. Podcasts man can I not stand them, it’s like listening to one long radio commercial. For me the only positive thing about podcasting is the ability to easily take it with you. Sorry for the rant.

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