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Marah Lidey  posted “Social Media on a PR Resume?” on PR Openmic. Her blog post discussed her recent trip to Atlanta for a conference held by PRSA. During her conference she was asked when approached by employers about her experience with social media. From there she got to thinking about how social media is taking over the business world, and how her experience with social media sites, will give her a boost.

That’s how I feel as well. Marah also said that while she is comfortable and experienced with social media, the hard part is, figuring out where you would put that on your resume. She resolved the issue by deciding to add a “Social Media Contact,” section to her resume including her blog, twitter, and linked-in profile.

I have to say that I think Marah is extremely smart in adding this “Social Media Contact,” section to her Resume, with this section employers that receive your resume will be able to check out what you do on Social Media Sites, how comfortable you are with using social media, and what you think and say. This made me realize that while telling an employer “I love Social Media, and I’m comfortable using it,” during an interview might work fine, you may not even get a call from an employer if your Resume to get you that interview, doesn’t show your strengths in social media.

After reading this blog post, I will look to add a “Social Media Contact,” section my Resume, along with this I will also have to be more careful and cautious about what I say and add to Social Media, as employers will check! Social Media is becoming more and more important everyday and it’s important for PR Professionals and all professionals in general to stay modern and current with what is going on.


8 Responses to “Social Media Resume?”

  1. 1 marielorelei

    I think it’s interesting that people are adding a section to their resume to list their social media skills and the social media network sites with which they are involved. I honestly don’t think that I would ever add social media information to my resume because my use of social media is primarily to keep in contact with loved ones and not as a business or job networking tool. I also don’t think that any of the positions that I’m interested in would find it worthwhile to know that I use social media sites on a regular basis.

    I guess for the typical public relations professional in today’s society, it is possible for social media networking skills to aid in their job tasks. I hope it all works out for you.

  2. 2 laur22

    I agree that adding a “social media contact” section to a resume is a smart idea. I wasn’t sure if I would be using my blogging skills of knowledge of Facebook and Twitter anytime soon, but recently I got an internship. The first thing that I am going to do for the company is make a Facebook group and update social media for them. I felt relieved because we have learned so much about this in Social Media in PR. It will be interesting to actually implement my skills in the real world. Companies, especially with older employees, need young people to bring social media to them!

  3. 3 smcclou3

    I love the idea of having a social media section on resumes. The question now is how you find the space; I have a hard time getting all of the pertinent information to fit on a single page. The nice thing about social media is that you can link back to you online resume. I think linking my social media like blogs, Facebook, and LinkedIn back to my online resume and vice versa is a good way for students to build a stronger online and interpersonal brand. While I use one of my blogs to let friends and family know what I’m doing and the other for school, I reference both because they show the diversity of my writing and the array of topics that interest me.

  4. Great post! When I was in Atlanta, I was approached by the Vice President of Ameristeel on a Saturday night while I was working on school. The first question he asked me was “Are you on LinkedIn?” This was perfect timing because we were required to have a LinkedIn account for Nixon’s Praticum class. Before I met him, I created a social media resume last summer without knowing how popular social media resumes would be. Just like a traditional resume, I agree with you in putting social media contacts.

  5. Mackenzie,
    Great idea! I feel like social media is so much a part of my daily life now, that it would almost be silly to leave an interview without them understanding all of the capabilities we have to offer through the use of social media. We may not be geniuses or social media mentors yet, but I believe we have more experience than the average person on facebook. I love the idea of adding a section to our resume for social media access alone. This provides the possible employer with hands on access to our work through our blogs and twitter accounts. They can see our interest in social media by simply following us. Thanks for the post, this really is a good idea.
    -Kati Ann

  6. 6 Marah Lidey

    Sorry I am seeing this so late, but I just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and relating, Mackenzie.

    Awesome 🙂

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