Reading Notes Survival Guide Chapters 1 & 2


This week for our class readings we were required to read, “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization,” by Deltina Hay. After reading Chapter 1 and 2, I was able to gather a few things I thought were interesting:

  • The book discussed Kimberlie Dykeman (KD) and her brand Pure SOAPBOX. KD takes advantage of Social Networking and setting up a Social Networking Strategy to promote herself and her brand. She uses blogging to write about her appearances and accomplishments. KD uses Social networking to maintain a presence on sites like Facebook nd MySpace to the public. KD takes advantage of Podcasting to show videos what she has been up to and she also takes advantage of using social calendars to promote upcoming events. Obviously KD is successful with her use of her Social Networking Strategy, and when reading this chapter I was able to see how valuable having a successful social networking plan is for your company.
  • The second chapter broke down how to use different types of social networking applications and things that can further your social networking usage. The chapter described personality profiles and the protocol for highlighting your company and the employees within. This will give your company personality and will give your customers something that they can relate to you and your company through.

After reading these chapters I am able to see how valuable social networking can be for a company and yourself. It is important to remember that social networking means it’s public and the things you post, will be read by others. With that in mind it’s always important to follow the right protocol and use social networking in a smart way.


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