Is Kell on Earth, bad news for the PR World?


Bravo’s new show Kell on Earth, shows Public Relations practitioner, Kelly C in the world of fashion public relations. Kelly Cutrone is president and co-owner of People’s Revolution. People’s Revolution is a popular PR company to the world of television as it was seen in MTV’s reality shows “The Hills,” and “The City,” as both Lauren Conrad, and Whitney Port worked for Cutrone’s in the company.

Kelly Cutrone is a high power,  and tough PR executive, who is determined to get the job done, and to please her clients. The show has only aired a few episodes but I am interested to see how the show will continue to portray the field of Public Relations. Many movies nd television shows in the past have shown PR professionals are unethical professionals that lie and twist the truth in order to boost their client’s image.

My hopes for this show is that Kell on Earth will how that the world of Public Relations is not all fun and games. Public Relations majors take several classes on theories, and ethical researching. I take pride in knowing that as a future Public Relations professional I will serve both my client and the public ethically, and practice correctly. This show has shown the Public Relations is not just limited to party planning, and fabulous lunches with clients. Public Relations involving managing tough situations, holding your composure in a crisis, have strong connects with the press, and ensuring things run smoothly.

I hope Kell on Earth will prove to people who watch the show that Public Relations is hard work, and that it is not all fun and games. Where I worry about what the show may do to damage the field of PR I think with shows like this is can also gain awareness and understanding of what the field is as well. I will continue to watch the show and see what types of PR Kelly Cutrone and her company uses, and hopefully gain some knowledge that I can use for myself.


6 Responses to “Is Kell on Earth, bad news for the PR World?”

  1. 1 marielorelei

    I’ve yet to watch “Kell on Earth” but I did see some previews for it. It didn’t seem like something that would entertaining to watch but rather just another “reality” show exhibiting people at their most obnoxious because there happens to be a camera following their every move. All the previews showed her yelling at her employees and acting like the evil queen of some massive empire. I think this is painting a bad picture of what to expect of those in the fashion section of the public relations craft. I really do hope that the show is more than just displays of Kell’s authority and shows that public relations is real work and hard hard at that. It doesn’t seem that many people know just what it is that public relations professionals do so it would be great if this show provides the general public with a little insight.

  2. 2 laur22

    I remember watching Kelly Cutrone on the Hills and thinking how scary and intimidating she was! I do not think I would be able to stress and high-tempo of working for someone like that. She is obviously very successful in the world of PR and fashion, and I loved watching “Kell on Earth.” I found that she really had a heart, after all. I think her employees are funny and I give them a lot of credit for putting up with all of the drama. I think the show is great because it will definitely shed light on a profession that many are unaware of and show people how much work and effort PR really is! It’s great that networks are featuring shows on topics that we can definitely learn tips from.

  3. 3. Mackenzie, everyone is writing about this show, Kell on Earth. I didn’t realize that Kelly Cutrone was the same woman featured on The Hills. I suppose that makes sense since she is reappearing with her own show now on MTV. I’m actually glad that MTV is airing a show about the public relations world. I feel as though often I’m telling people that I am majoring in “PR” and they ask “what is that?” I just hope that the show is realistic rather than not. I hope they don’t just show Cutrone going out for lunches or buying clothes for events. Since you are the second or third person I have seen write about this show I will need to check it out. It will either give us tips as to what to do in our careers or what to avoid!

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