Week 5 Readings Chapters 10-12


This week we were asked to read Groundswell chapters 10-12 for class.  The book went into detail on how you can incorporate the three elements of groundswell thinking into your organization:

  • Take small steps that have big impact: To describe this the authors used the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, as an example. The key of how this campaign worked was they had measurable objectives that tied to reaching the overall goals. The authors told us that we should look for places where our companies fall short in marketing and communications and apply groundswell thinking to solving these problems. AKA: Do not try to tackle a huge problem all at once, split up the big problem into little tasks, and it will make a huge impact.
  • Have a vision and a plan: The authors told us to have a vision, this vision will get you and your company through rough patches, that are unavoidable and that you will run into. They continued by saying you should have a three-year outlook for your company, of where you want to take them. The book told us the best way to do this is have a vision of the conversation you want with your customers
  • Build leaders into the plan: The Dove campaign was so successful because the leaders of the company Rob and Babs shared their vision with their company and from there the leaders backed it up with persuasive and planning skills to drive marketing up. This shows us that the relationship between leaders and their team is essential in building a successful marketing plan.

The book also gave us a few tips on how to make a smooth transition into a groundswell way of thinking:

  • The author says that groundswell is about person-to-person activity. This means people in your company need to be ready to met with new customers and people you have not met.
  • The book tells us to be good listeners. Listen to the customers and to other companies these are the people that help to build your company, so their opinions matter.
  • Be Patient is next on the list of a smooth trasition. This tells us that technology does move fast, and it’s easy to feel behind but with patience you will feel caught up.
  • Look for opportunities. Start small and then seek opportunities to expand.
  • Be flexible, groundswell thinking tells us to adjust constantly to changes that occurring.
  • Lastly, be collaborative, get support from other people in your company to help you accomplish your goals.

In my opinion after reading these chapters, it’s easy to see that groundswell thinking is practical. This way of thinking is something that should be used by a lot more companies.


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