T.O.W #5: Search Engine Visibility


For our topic of the week for my Social Media in Public Relation’s Class we were asked to read Search Engine Visibility, a paper written by Steven Rubel and others at Edelmen digital, and then react on it by answering three questions:1. What did you learn? , 2.What surprised you? & 3. What do you want to know more about?

1. After my readings I have learned a lot on the topic of Search Engine Visibility, as I did not know much about the topic.  I learned that there are two primary visibility tactics:

  • Paid Search– According to the writers’ this is more widely known as a Search Engine Marketing (SEM). These are where marketers buy small text ads which are triggered when certain words are searched. The authors gave the example of if a searcher is looking at the words “Hybrid Car,” a Toyota Prius might pop up.
  • Optimized Search- This is often called an SEO, this is where webmasters change their sites to rank high-value keywords. The authors gave the example of Toyota.com becoming the top result of “hybrid cars”

After this I learned that because of new things like social media, two new search engine visibility tools have emerged:

  • Reputational Search- According to the authors this is the premise that a company can apply a search mindset with using PR tactics and that will influence the search results around certain keywords
  • Social Search- This means that with competition to typical search engine sites brands need to show up on relevant networks, such as Twitter, Blogs, and others.

2. What surprised me is how important Search Engine Visibility is a brand. Even more what is surprising is how social media sites are feeling changing every single detail in the Public Relations world. I realize from reading this article how important and essential is is for companies to take advantage of and use social media sites to check their search engine visibility.

3.  The only thing I’d want to learn more about would be the ethics behind visibility. I wonder if using the strategies to increase the searchability of your company is ethical. Obviously it is done often, but I wonder if many users of search engines know that this is done. Also, I want to know more about search engine visibility and how it affects social media, will payment start being used to order to boost the company to be under popular topics on the right side of your twitter homepage?


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