3 Steps to get your blog, READ!


After reading Alex Guzman’s Blog post, “How to Get Me to Read Your Blog,” on PR Openmic, I began to rethinking how I blog.

Alex said that she is very particular of the blogs she reads, and she prefers simple uncluttered pages, with the information clearly set-up. She described three general characteristics in which she evaluates blogs as she reads them:

  • Simplicity: She said she does not like clutter, she described pictures as being great, but not if they take place from the overall message of the post. She continued by saying that pictures should be relevant and simply placed. This is something that I agree with, I think if a picture is not relevant it can take away from the message you are trying to put out. If pictures are used the right way they can only enhance your message, so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a photo for your blog post.
  • Alex’s second characteristic is, Focus/Theme: She said having a focus is the key element to any blog, this is what keeps readers reading your blog. She also describes theme as the key that pulls your blog all together. I completely agree with what Alex says about the focus and theme, if the blog post is not focused, it will cause readers to stray from your blog, as they will not be able to follow your writing. The theme is also important in maintaining readers. If readers enjoy and have an interest in the theme you are writing, you will gain loyal readers.
  • Lastly, Alex’s third characteristic for good blogging is, Uniqueness: She describes uniqueness as writing about topics that makes your blog post stand out. I agree with Alex. There are many blogs out in the internet world, it’s important for bloggers to post on fresh ideas that many people have not talked about before, or take a new angle on a popular topic, this will help spice up your blog.

I think Alex makes wonderful points in her blog post on getting people to read your blog. Simplicity, focus and uniqueness are just three simple things to get your blog read and cared about!


2 Responses to “3 Steps to get your blog, READ!”

  1. These are some really great ideas Mackenzie. Although time is winding down on our assigned blogs I am going to put these ideas to use on my next blog. Yep, I am planning on creating another blog soon using my own domain and try out WordPress.org. I’m still getting used to blogging and trying to find my niche. I enjoy writing about public relations, but there are so many other topic that I enjoy. I’m usually good at making decisions and I’m really great at advising others, Why is things always harder when you’re the one making the decision?

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