Social Media, A Definition


This week our topic of the week was to discuss what our definition of social media is, in 140 characters or less (the length of a tweet!) We were asked to read Adam Vincenzini’s blog post of compiled definitions of what social media mointoring that he collected from twitter.

After reading the blog, a few tweeted definitions stuck out to me:

@ValerieSimon Social Media is a participatory form of media that provides opportunities to listen, share & engage using virtual technologies & practices
  • Her tweet of what Social Media is, stuck out to me because of her description of the word participation. I think a major advantage to me as a user of social media is the ability to participate with other users with similar interests and who are studying similar fields. USing social media is a great way to ask questions, and get answers quickly from other people with experience.

@trevoryoung Social media is a catalyst for change – change in the way we connect with each other, change in the way businesses communicate with the world

  • This definition stuck out to me because social media has made a huge impact and change on the way people communicate. The use of social media is not just limited to friends and family members communicating, social media is now being utilized by company’s to promote new projects and programs. This applies to my use of social media, because I turn to social media for information from company’s and I use it as a way to communicate with others.

@irinaskaya Social Media: Builds relationships between brands and customers and empowers the latter to create customers

  • Lastly, I agree with this tweet. The use of social media has helped break down the barrier between brands and their customers. Using social media to monitor customer opinions, and to ensure customer satisfaction is high is a way that brands can increase the amount of customers they will have.

From reading these definitions, I was able to better define what I would describe as Social Media. Social Media to me is: a current form of communication that encourages participation & builds relationships between individuals with shared experiences & interests.

It’s obvious that Social Media is becoming more and more relevant and popular each day and it’s important to stay current on ways to communicate.


3 Responses to “Social Media, A Definition”

  1. So glad that my tweet got you thinking! I must say YOUR post has helped me to hone my definition of social media… I think your assessment that social media is “a current form of communication that encourages participation & builds relationships between individuals with shared experiences & interests.” is spot on!

    • 2 Mackenzie

      Thank you!! Your tweet really did get me going to reach that definition! I look forward to reading more of the things you write or tweet!

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