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This week for class we were to read A Survival Guide to Social Media & Web 2.0 Optimization Ch 3. On RSS Feeds & Blogs. This chapter actually taught me a lot because I did not know too much about what an RSS was, and I am always looking for more tips and information on […]

Marah Lidey  posted “Social Media on a PR Resume?” on PR Openmic. Her blog post discussed her recent trip to Atlanta for a conference held by PRSA. During her conference she was asked when approached by employers about her experience with social media. From there she got to thinking about how social media is taking over the […]

Foursquare is something I’ve been seeing constantly on Twitter. Many Twitter users are posting are chattering about Foursquare and I have been pretty confused on how a game where you bounce a ball standing in four squares is such a large topic of conversation on Twitter… Well, It’s not a childhood game. Foursquare is a […]

This week for our class readings we were required to read, “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization,” by Deltina Hay. After reading Chapter 1 and 2, I was able to gather a few things I thought were interesting: The book discussed Kimberlie Dykeman (KD) and her brand Pure SOAPBOX. KD takes advantage of Social […]

Bravo’s new show Kell on Earth, shows Public Relations practitioner, Kelly C in the world of fashion public relations. Kelly Cutrone is president and co-owner of People’s Revolution. People’s Revolution is a popular PR company to the world of television as it was seen in MTV’s reality shows “The Hills,” and “The City,” as both Lauren Conrad, […]

This week for the Topic of the Week we were asked to listen to “Social Media: friend or foe,” discussed by Shel Holtz, Mark Ragan and other discuss  “concerns and objections around the adoption of social media communication channel.” I posted some interestings questions and answers the speakers and audience members had: Why do I need to launch […]

This week we were asked to read Groundswell chapters 10-12 for class.  The book went into detail on how you can incorporate the three elements of groundswell thinking into your organization: Take small steps that have big impact: To describe this the authors used the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, as an example. The key […]