Top 10 List for GSU Freshman Girls!


I write weekly blog posts for the Georgia Southern University’s Admission’s site here is this week’s post, one of my favorites:

This week I really couldn’t think about what I’d like to write about. I decided to start thinking about what I have learned since being a freshman at Georgia Southern. As an incoming Freshman I had no older siblings to give me any tips on how to survive college, so I had to experience it the hard way. From thinking back I realized that I could create a “Must Have List for Living in the ‘Boro” (Girl Edition):

  1. Rain Boots:I love rain boots, they are adorable, and you can always count on a countless amount of other girls on campus wearing them too, so you don’t feel like the only person waddling to class. Besides the bonus of looking cute walking in the rain, they’ll keep your feet dry. It doesn’t rain often in Statesboro but when it does, it rains HARD. You will come face to face with water puddles and rain boots are the perfect accessory for tackling them, on your sprint to class. I bought mine at target for $20!
  2. Sunblock:The beauty of living in Statesboro Georgia is that it’s pool season almost 10 months out of the year. Therefore, a bottle of sunscreen, a beach towel, and a bathing suit is always good to have in your top shelf and not under your bed with all the other things you’ll never use. Besides, you’ll never know when you are your friends will head down to Tybee Island for the day.
  3. Plastic Wrap:Random? Yes. Essential? COMPLETELY! I lived in Eagle Village freshman year, my friends and I always made sure we had at least one roll of plastic wrap on hand. It’s the perfect accessory for wrapping your friends car after they toilet papered your dorm bedroom. (Speaking from previous experience)
  4. Book-Bag:In college they are cool. Especially when you are lugging about five textbooks, two binders, and three spiral notebooks around. While I haven’t been in High School in around four years, I used to rock the on the shoulder bag to carry my stuff for class. When I got to GSU I had a rude awakening when I felt like my arm was going to break off after carrying all my stuff to class. Some of my friends even have 2 book bags. One for Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes, and one for Tuesday and Thursday classes, I still have one, but that’s a good option if you would hate switching things out.
  5. At least One Navy Dress:A navy dress and a free Saturday afternoon is all you need to have fun in Statesboro during football season. When it’s game day pull out your favorite navy blue dress and flip flops (another essential) and root on the GSU Eagles! A navy blue dress helps you rock your school colors, and still stay cool in the Statesboro heat! (F.Y.I: Ditch the Red and Black!)
  6. Sunglasses:Sunglasses, multiple pairs. Keep one in your backpack, your room, your car, your purse, and so on. It’s sunny in Statesboro, and when you have to run out of the house and you forget to put on your makeup, no one can tell!
  7. Towel Wrap: While most of the dorms do not have community bathrooms, some still do. When I lived in Watson Hall, they did. It’s nice to be able to walk from your bedroom to the bathroom holding your shower caddy and toothbrush without worry about your towel falling off. They have really cute ones at different stores in Statesboro you can get them customized and with your monogram, or you can pick one up at Target.
  8. Free Drawer Space:The best part about college? Free Stuff! There are always free give aways of T-Shirts, Towels, Hats, and more. Have room for collecting the free stuff, and always check flyers on campus for the words “FREE.” There are usually about a billion other students coming to the events too, so they are also great ways to meet people.
  9. Camera: A camera is a great way to remember fun moments withs friends, and it also gives you something to do when you can’t think of anything else. Many times you need a camera for class projects, so it’s a great essential to have on you. Along with a camera it’s smart to have a zip drive! You can pick one up at walmart, target or the university store for an inexpensive price, and it will always come in handy.
  10. Georgia Southern Football Knowledge: Georgia Southern Football is a legacy. With six national championships most students, alumni and faculty members bleed blue and white, and as a Georgia Southern student I do too. Brush up on your GSU knowledge so you can impress your friends when you know what G.A.T.A.stands for, the significance behind the words: “One More Time..”, and when you can tell them who Erk Russell, Adrian Peterson, and Tracy Ham are.

Stayed tuned and look out for next week’s Top 10 Must Have List (for guys!)! Thank you to everyone on Facebook and Twitter who helped me put this list together!


6 Responses to “Top 10 List for GSU Freshman Girls!”

  1. 1 aschlum1

    This is a really interesting post. I agree with all of the items that you suggested. Being a senior, I wish that I would have seen a list of things like this when I was a freshman! It is great that you write things like this, and I’m sure this information will come in handy to a lot of girls.

  2. 2 Jayme

    I LOVE this blog post!! It definitely took me back to when I was a Freshmen, and like you I didn’t have anyone give me the “rules” of college. A lot of stuff I learned was stop and go or from pure mess ups. I didn’t wear sunglasses or rain boots until i came here and realized that both of these things are very important accessories in Statesboro because it’s ALWAYS sunny or rainy!

  3. Mackenzie,
    What a great post to read right before graduation. I feel that if I had to make a top list of things to prepare girls for when coming to college at GSU, all of the same topics would be on my list too. Very cute! This took me back to when I was a freshman. I moved down here from Tennessee, and being that it is warm in Tennessee but you also have the off season and capabilities of going skiing in the winter, I didn’t think twice about bringing all of my belongings to my super tiny dorm room including, yes, my ski attire. I remember thinking I’ll probably make it back to the mountains and enjoy a few days on the slopes. This did not happen. I have to admit its now been over 3 years since I’ve been skiing and I still have my bibs, ski gloves, head warmers, the essentials sitting in my south georgia closet, where they will remain for who knows how long. Thanks for the post- it was an enjoyable read!
    -Kati Ann

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