Week Three Readings


For my Pr and Social Media class we were assigned to read Li & Bernoff’s Groundswell, Chapters 4-9. The chapters provided many great tips and ideas to me as a student studying Public Relations and using Social Media. Below, I have a listed a few key things I remembered from readings:

  • The acronym “POST,” is used for the four-step planning process, to build your Groundswell strategy. People, this means assessing how your consumers will engage, based on what they are doing. This prevents companies from creating networks that consumers may not use. Objectives, this means what are your goals. Strategy, how do you want relationships with your customers to change? Technology, what applications should you build? This is an important acroymn and procress to follow when building this strategy, in order  to be efficent.
  • Companies do listen to their customers. Contrary to popular belief companies spend over $15 billion annually for market rserach. This Market Reserach is good for addressing their consumer’s concerns and suggestions, and then benefits the company.
  • The book tells us to Google your prodcut name along with the word awesome or sucks, to see what your consumers are writing about you. This is a quick and easy way for companies to see how real people feel.
  • The book explains four ways to talk with the groundswell. They include: 1. Post a viral video: Simply put a video online, and let people share it. 2. Engage in social networks and user-generated content sites: Creating a personality with social network sites is a great way to reach out to customers. 3. Join the blogosphere: Encourage your staff to write blogs, this allows people to interact with your writing, which is different than printing a Press Release. 4. Creating a Community: Communities are a way companies can engage with their customers.

From these readings I have seen how important using social media is to benefit a company I represent. Social Media is an easy and quick way to make waves about the things a company does and promote new products.


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