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1. “Is Social Media Mointoring Ethical,” , By James Kicklighter, January 28, 2010 ” James, you are completely correct it’s extremely important to always keep in mind proper etiquette of social media monitoring. It’s unethical to slander people or companies, therefore there is a line that has to be drawn, and not crossed. While it’s easy to monitor what a company is doing, and what is being said about the company, that does not always mean it’s the right thing to do! Like you said it’s easy for people to create what’s being said on Twitter, etc, Therefore people always need to keep in mind that what is being said may not always be true! Good Post”

2. “TOW #2:Haiti Earthquake Crisis and Social Media,”  by Allie Schlumper, January 28, 2010 “Allie, I agree with you! Social Media has really helped with efforts to promote and raise money for the diaster in Haiti. The use of twitter, television, facebook and text messages have really helped to make a splash in helping to raise money for the people in Haiti. Social Media does help to make it easier for people to particaipate and give to Haiti. I think with the increase of accessibility that social media sites/new technologies have provided, it has really made it easier for people to give. For example sending a text is a lot easier than calling a hotline. Great Points!”

3.  “Blogging Suicide,”  by Natalia Daies, January 28, 2010 “Natalia, I have never really thought of blogging as another way of “networking,” but you are right. Blogging is public, and what you write is being seen, either by people who are always checking your page, or by potential employers who are “googling” your name. I really did not think about how well you can network with blogging. I love your three tips for blog comments. Commenting on blogs can be just as important as what you write on your blog, therefore, it does matter to check your grammer, spelling, and more before you post. You did a great job of seperating what to do and what not to do in order to leave good blog comments.”

4. “Social Media and Wedding Planning?,” by Kacie Whigham, February 2, 2010, “This is so true! Social Media has become a really great way to get out to people, and make it a lot more convenient to everyone. It’s true using twitter, and other social medias to reach your vendors and clients would help things seem a lot more personable, and along with quicker. I think your ideas of using Social Media, to help you plan weddings is really smart, and I think because of your knowledge with Social Media, you’ll be really successful in the field (especially after getting practice from planning your own wedding.) I look forward to reading (on twitter) about all the success weddings you plan in the future! ”

5. “Pr Connections- How much Does Tiger Woods Need PR?,”  by Allie Schlumper, February 10, 2010, “I agree with you! Tiger Woods, was not known as a “Family-Man,” he was known for being one of the worlds greatest golfers. Even though he made some horrible decisions, that will hurt his reputation for possible forever, that still won’t take away that he is an amazing athlete. It will be impossible to keep Tiger from playing golf, because that’s his job, and what he’s good at, championship golf tournaments will still want him there. You are so right, people will continue to watch him. I think It’s best that Tiger just continues to apologize and come clean about what has happened, and continue to focus on his golf game, it’s probably one fo the only things that won’t be ruined by this mess!”

6. “The Spindustry” by Staci Dale, February 12, 2010, ” I completely agree! I think TV shows do a wonderful job of twisting what the world of Public Relations. I am currently a student, and if PR was as fun as easy as they portray it to look, everyone would be cut out for it! However everyone isn’t. Public Relations involves a lot more than “getting your name put on a list,” and planning parties with hot clebs. Public Relations students have to study theory after theory, and spend months doing primary and secondary research projects just to pass one class! It bugs me how many misconceptions people have on the Public Relations field, or how often it is confused with Marketing!”

7. “Social Media: Helping change the Fashion Industry,” by Kelsey Hendrix, February 17, 2010, “This is a really cool article! It’s really interesting to me, how much social media has really made an impact on Public Relations, in every single aspect. The fashion industry has really started to pop up with using social media sites, and I think it’s smart. Down here in Statesboro we don’t have access to big high fashion malls, but with fashionable stores online, it makes it really simple to keep up with whats hot! It’s cool to see the two majors you are (and were) interested in and blending together for you so nicely, and I think that is encouraging to many other PR majors (or fashion majors) as well!”

8. “Kell on Earth and Pop Culture’s View of Public Relations,” by Meghan Beytagh, February 17, 2010, “Meghan, I agree with you! It’s hard to tell from just the first few episodes how Public Relations will be portrayed, but so far I think this show is a lot more right on, than others have been. The show shows different parts of PR than just the simple party and fabulous events with celebs. It shows what happens behind the scences, and the work that goes into all these “fabulous events.” Hopefully this show will give an insight into a pinch of what Public Relations actually is, because it’s not all fun and games!”

9. “Super Bowel Media,” By Kacie Wigham, February 26, 2010, “I loved this post. It’s true, the Superbowl is living in a world of social media. I think it would of been really cool if in a few years the commentators actually tweet during the game, they might as well! People are on twitter the entire time, and why not give the public what they want! Twitter has given the public the ability to utilize free speech, and someone doesn’t like something, you are going to find out! The superbowl,and other big events are going to need to catch up with the times and take advantage of the opportunities they have!”

10. “Social Media: Friend or Foe?,” by Hayley Higgs, March 4, 2010, “I agree with you! I think companies utilizing social media is smart. If a company monitors what is being said about the company, their products, and their competitors they will be able to have an advantage. They’d have an advantage because they can see what people like and dislike, along with having a connection and relationship with their consumers. One thing I must point out is that if a company is going to use social media, they must do it the right way. They should not get on a blog and update it once a year, or tweet useless information every 6 months. If a company is going to utilize social media, they should do it all the way and a right way. If a company wants to get off to a right start with social media, they should higher someone who is comfortable with it!”

11. “T.O.W. 9 & 10- PROpenMic“, by Kacie Whigham, March 24, 2010, “Kacie, I think you are right! PR Open Mic is an awesome site for Public Relations Professionals, Students, and Recent Grads to use. It’s wonderful that as Public Relations students we have such a great tool to utilize. I really like the blog section. It is so cool to see what people who are working in fields we’d like to live in are up to and experiencing. It is also cool to read what students are writing, and see them experience things we have experience in and out of the classroom as well. I am so thankful that we have something like this to use in PR!”

12. “PR Professional Interview,” by Jessica Cameron, April 1, 2010, “I really like what she said about learning in the classroom. I think it’s true of many students (including myself sometimes) that in some classes, especially ones you do not have any interest in, to just go by and learn what you need to know for the test and move on. It’s really great advice and serves as a better reminder to know that it is important to take in as much as possible. This is why I think opportunities like internships and shadowing of professionals are very important with learning. These opportunities give you hands on information that you can take with you in the “real world.” It’s awesome that a GSU graduate was able to interview with you & give you some great advice from what she has learned in her job coming from GSU.”

13. “PR Open Mic,” By Meghan Beytagh, April 1, 2010, “I am really glad we were asked to use PR Open Mic. I really think it is something, as Public Relations majors that we should take advantage of! It’s cool to me to see so many people using PR Open Mic, that can relate to us, as a students. I really enjoy reading their blogs and relating it to what we are learning in our classes. I also love seeing things that professionals, in areas that I aspire to work in, are doing. It’s a really awesome and benefical way for all of us to relate and network with one another. I agree with you as well, I love the Intern/Job way I think it’s an awesome way to help out other PR Professionals and students!”

14. “PR Connection-University Proposed Budget Cuts,” by Allie Schlumper, April 1, 2010, “I really think Georgia Southern University made a smart move with addressing the issue of budget cuts. It’s also cool that they made a website to use to keep students in the know. It’s important with the budget cut, for students to keep up with current information, so they are educated on what they are talking about. GSU made a really smart decision to use the internet to keep students up-to-date, I also think it’s cool that President Keel took the time to do this as well. He seems very student-oriented which is cool! I agree with you completely that they made a very smart Public Relations move, by posting this video!”

15. “Celebrities using the “R” word,” by Kelsey Hendrix, April 1, 2010, “Yikes! The “R,” Word!!! You are totally right, where are they Public Relations people?! They need help! They have HUGE audiences, and there audience are adolescents, the MOST easily influenced audience. Celebrities are supposed to be role models, using an offense wordlike that is not cool, or something they should be doing! I think when writing blogs, hosting television shows, and more everyone should be aware of what they are saying, as word of mouth travels faster than the speed of light on the computer! It’s important that celebs are held to that standard too, if not higher! This “R” word thing is NOT okay!”

16. “Betty White: Why do we love thee?Let me count the ways…” by Martine Howell, April 1, 2010, “This is awesome! Seriously, Betty White is fabulous, so is her Publicist! Betty White is funny & still classic! She is so sweet that anything she says whether it’s dirty or not you just can’t help but laugh! I really admire her spirit and her passion! I think in today’s world it’s people like Betty White that should be admired and respected and her publicist does a wonderful job of giving betty white that charm as well! It seems wonderful that she is an older woman and she has become more famous with age, THAT is something to be admired! I really think that many people can learn a lot from someone like Betty White!”

17. “So You’ve Tried WordPress, But What if you want to do more?” by Martine Howell, April 1, 2010, “First off let me just say: I love youtube! Seriously, you can find anything on there and it’s great that we can use youtube to help us with everything. Secondly, I love your templete it’s a really good layout! More importantly, I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I don’t really think I have realized how important it was until recently. I really have come to realize that blogging really does improve your writing. For me not exactly with grammar or spelling but it really helps me learn how to go from not being able to write about anything, to popping out topics. I think as a PR student we get frustrated with it, but at the end I’ve realized that blogging is essential to becoming a successful PR professional, and we should all be thankful we’re getting comfortable with it now, rather than later! I give you props for searching for help through blog tutorials!”

18. “Social Media: Friend or Foe?” by Martine Howell, April 1, 2010, “I agree with you, I was nervous about sitting through this Podcast as well, as I usually like to see something visual infront of me. However, I was pleasently surprised when listening to the podcast! I think it was really cool how they discussed the importance of social media with businesses. I really didn’t realize all the cool things that companies can do with social media! Also,  I guess because I am around social media so often, I didn’t realize that people didn’t get why social media is so important! I thought EVERYONE realized it’s value! I honestly feel that if any company is going to do well they need to use social media. It’s the best way to reach out to their consumers, becaue their consumers are using social media. Companies at the LEAST should be mointoring their company through google alerts, just to see what people are saying about them, and fix any of the bad!”

19. “PR Connections- Toyota Stories,” by Matt Mauney, April 1, 2010, “You are right, the validity of these commericals are a concern. We can’t be certain if these people giving testimonials on their toyotas are actually toyota owners. However, in contrast I do have to commend toyota on their efforts. I do commend them for admitting that they are not doing their best and that they know they need to do better. I think that shows honesty of a respected company. Toyotas have always been pretty great cars (obviously until recently) and that is something that many cannot ignore! I do agree with you to the tie in with ethics, is this ethical for toyota to put fake testimonals up, but we aren’t positive if it’s fake or not at the same time! Toyota is still a big time company and while it would be nice for them to focus solely on fixing their cars, they also come with the obligation of patching up their reputation as best as they can! So I think it’s almost a double-edged sworn for toyota!”

20. “PR Connections: Sea World Disaster,” by Matt Mauney, April 1, 2010, “This is so sad, but I think the big thing that people need to keep in mind is.. There are LIVE ANIMALS! I guess it kinda of stuns me that people say things like “we need to get rid of this whale, he kills everything!” Well…. It’s a whale, a killer whale, in fact! I think it makes for a tough PR situation as well. Honestly, it’s one of those you can’t win situations, it’s sad that sea world lost someone that such a dear employer, and at the same time it’s a live animal.. I think you are right about the fact that events like this do draw crowds, as sad as it is, it’s very true. People love drama, people love controversy, and they all want to witness it first hand. I think Sea World needs to do whatever in their power to fix this crisis situation. It’s obviously going to be tough, but they need to do whatever than can in honor of brancheau and in protection of their animals as well.”

21. “Topic Of the Week: Foursqaure,” By Meghan Beytaugh, April 5, 2010, “I had no idea that Four Square had that many users! I agree with you on your opinions on how Four Square can be benefical to companies and I also agree with you on your comments on how Four Square can pose potential dangers for individuals as well. Four Square is something that should be utilized by businesses, because they can see who popularly visits the location and who is talking about their company. This is something that companies should utilize just like they’d utilize Twitter! Thank can reward and thank their customers that are loyal and also answer questions and concerns with customers that did not have an enjoyable experience with their company. Secondly, Four Sqaure can also be dangerous for individuals if not used safely. However, it is comforting knowing that individuals can chose who to send information to. With that people need to be cautious as to who they allow to see it and who they do not. Individuals need to keep in mind that people can read their information and not to post anything too personal!”

22. “Students’ Benefit Utilizing PROpenMic,” Lauren Hopkins, April 5, 2010, “I have an an account on PR Open Mic for over a year now and never went on it until this assignment for class. I really realized how dumb I was for not using it! I agree with you it’s really cool all the things that a PR Student or Professional could get from using PR Open Mic. The Job/Intern section is something that seems to be the most beneficial to everyone! This section makes it really nice to look over what is out there and is a really cool advantage to those using PR Open Mic. I agree with you also, it’s similar to sites of twitter and facebook but the catch is PR Open Mic is for Public Relations people and it’s a way to show yourself in a more professional way. I also think PR Open Mic is a really great way to network yourself!”

24. “PR Connections: Superbowl Ads Uneffective,” by Matt Mauney, April 6, 2010, “I agree with you! I do not think this year’s superbowl ads were anything great as compared to previous years! I think a few stood out and those companies that did have stand out ads will continue to benefit because their ads will continue to be talked about. The superbowl is a major event and many people (including myself) watch the superbowl not for the game but for the commericals! I think if people are going to pay the money for a spot in the superbowl, they should step up their advertisements! It kills the purpose of spending the money if the advertisement isn’t going to live up to the expectation!”

25. “Tivo vs. DVR,” by Kacie Whigham, April 13, 2010, “Wow, I never thought of this until reading your article! It’s so true, twitter really does make people need to watch television on time. Even now, If i miss the results episode of “Dancing with the Stars,” I can send out a tweet asking who was voted off and my question is answered almost instantly! It’s amazing to see how much social media is changing everything! DVR is nice, but it’s true sometimes it’s pointless to record it because it’s going to get spoiled before you see it (unless you live under a rock). I have to say Twitter won this battle!”

26. “TOW #11: interview reaction,” by Kacie Whigham, April13, 2010, “I was really surprised by a lot of the things I heard in Professor Nixon’s interview with Martin Waxman also. First off I think it was really cool that through social media sites, him and professsor nixon have been able to connect, it show exactly how beneficial social media is! Secondly, I really enjoyed what you also said as their “Pillars” I think it’s very honorable to know that they stress: Simplicity, Energy & Integrity, it shows how a good company is built by remembering good ethics. Lastly, I loved his comment on twitter and getting into contact with companies as well, it’s really cool to see how companies use twitter to their advantage!”

27. “Milk-a-whaaaat?” by Marie Walker, April 14, 2010, “I really enjoyed this blog post! If you don’t mind I’d like to feature it as my guest blog! I agree with you, Lohan has been out of the lime light for a long time and well It seems likely that she’d take any opportunity to get that back! While they may have been talking about her, her name is not copywritten and I can name more Lindsays than almost anyone else I know! I agree with you, her publicist needs to be focusing on cleaning her up and not worrying about this! Personally, I feel that she should be counting her chickens that if they were referencing her, that people are actually still talking about her!”

28. “TOW 4: Definition of Social Media in 140 characters or less,” by Kelsey Hendrix, April 16, 2010, “I really like your definition of Social Media. I agree with you I think Social Media is something that people can learn from. It’s cool because you can send out a question and instantly you get @ replies with the answer or suggestions and I think that’s something that sets Social Media apart from everything else. Social Media is also great for Informing. Social Media should be used by everyone as a way to promote! With so many using Social Media, why not reach so many for free! it’s also a great way to inform yourself, you can always been “in the loop,” if you keep up with Social Media!”

29. “Will focus groups fade away due to Social Media?” by Haley Higgs, April 16, 2010, “Wow! I never thought of this, but you are completely right. Social Media is like a 24/7 & instant focus group. Obviously there are some things that Twitter or other Social Media sites could never do that compare to a real life focus-group (or at least yet, who knows what social media will be like in years from now). Early this week, for Public Relations research we attempted to conduct a standard focus group, we had 3 people confirm and only 1 showed up. My group members and I had to go out and find four random people. It was upsetting and thankfully we found people. But imagine if that happened on Twitter, just like you said! You could easily find another. I agree with you traditional focus groups will/are fading away!”

30.  “TOW 13- David after Dentist,” by Kacie Whigham, April 16, 2010, “HAHAHA! I forgot about the “grape lady” falls that video is hilarious! To me the best part are the news crews at the end that you can tell are cracking up but they are trying to seem professional! I’ve never seen the second video with the unicorns before! I think videos become viral if they are unique, funny and relatable. Lastly, exactly what you stated: Human Interest! If something is of interest or someone can relate to it it makes the video funny because you can imagine yourself or someone who know doing it. I love the videos you posted!”


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