Week 2 Reading


For Week two of our PRCA3030 class we were assigned to read Groundswell Chapter 1-3 & A Survival Guide To Social Media And Web 2.0 Optimization Chapter 4. In these readings a few things really caught my attention:

  • Because of how quickly things can go viral on the internet, it’s almost impossible to keep secrets quiet. Groundswell used  the example of New Line Cinema took on the movie project Snakes on a Plane, to be released in 2006. However, when word got out, fans when crazy and not to long after the movie belonged to the internet.
  • YouTube has become a popular way to catch important moments, in both positive and negative ways. Groundswell used the example of the YouTube video posted by Brian Finkelstein who filmed his Comcast Technician asleep on his couch. This is the top video that pops up when you type Comcast. This should act as a reminder to people to remember how quickly their reputation can be ruined.
  • According to Groundswell, blogging has become one of the most popular activities in America. In fact I was surprised to hear that 1 in 4 online Americans read blogs.

It’s surprising to hear how social media, and the use of the internet has been able to change reality so quickly, but these readings serve as a great way to inform people on how to be comfortable with social media, and how been a responsible user.


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