To Comment or Not to Comment?


You log into wordpress, and you see 1 new comment next on your page! Exciting, or at least to me it’s exciting.

Commenting on blog posts is an extremely integral part of blogging. Blogs are a way for people to voice their opinion on certain things, sometimes more controversial topics than others. Blog comments are a great way of sharing your opinion on how someone else feels. It’s also a great way to show someone that you are reading what they have to say. Blog comments serve as a way to encourage someone to continue writing. Blog comments can be just as important as the actual blog itself.

It took me a while to get into blogging, and from that it took me any longer to comment on other people’s blogs. From my experience I’ve learned that comments can also be like little mini blog posts. You are able to piggy-back off of what other people have to say, and create a conversation between the two bloggers.

I’d recommend people who are looking to comment on blogs to be open-minded, this advise would also go to bloggers as well. People need to realize that there are always going to be people that agree and disagree with what you have to say. As a blogger, you have to remember when you publish your blog post people have the right to comment against or for what you’re saying.

When commenting you must write more than just “nice post,” or “I agree.” I think it’s important when blogging to add something to the post. These comments must be something of value that adds to what the blogger originally wrote. However, while everyone has their own opinion, someone commenting on a blog should never criticize someone personally, and they also make take into account that everyone has a right to their own opinion. It’s important to be constructive, and not destructive.

Blog comments can be just as important as the blog itself, and people should take advantage of the ability to comment!


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