This week we were asked to read chater 14, of “A survival guide to social media and web 2.0 optimization” by Deltina Hay.

This chapter explains that there is no simple way to measure your success on the social web. However, knowing what you want to accomplish when using social media will help you to measure your success.

The authors tell us to Know your goals! These goals may include:

  • Increasing Website Traffic
  • Driving sales or new business
  • Monitoring brand awareness
  • Improving customer relations
  • Managing Reputation
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Creating Buzz
  • Improving public relations

Lastly, the book references Peter Kim of from his definition on measuring social media based on user interactions, he lays out this framework:

  1. Attention: This is the amount of traffic your content gets over a period of time
  2. Participation: This is the extent to which users engage with your content (blog comments, wall posts)
  3. Authority:  This would be trackbacks or links to your content
  4. Influence: This is the sizer of the user base that subscribes to your content (on your blog for example)

This week for our Topic of the Week we were asked to chose  a second Guest Blogger! I chose Kacie Whigham! I’ve had many classes with Kacie during our college careers! Kacie wants to be a wedding planner so many of her blogs have to do with weddings, which I personal find interesting! The blog I am featuring is one she wrote on Celebrities and claiming to be “untouched.” I think Kacie shares a really interesting point of view! ENJOY:


By: Kacie Whigham

Celebrities are going untouched on magazine covers. Is this a PR stunt or just true honesty?

Recently, Jessica Simpson made headlines by going Untouched on the cover of Marie Claire. Apparently, Jessica didn’t even wear any makeup. Just last year, she was in the news for being overweight. In response, she has a new TV show out, called “Price of Beauty” in which her and couple of her friends travel all around the world, learning  beauty means in different cultures.

Is it just coincidence that all of this happens one after another? I think not. Jessica must have an awesome PR team behind her… fighting what media has made “beauty” to be. She is fighting back and people and listening.

Also in the news for going “untouched” in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Kim’s comment on the message of the nude picture is “embrace your curves and who you are.”

The difference with Kim is that she is also an endorser for Quicktrim, a diet plan she claims to have used herself. Well, if she’s telling girls everywhere to embrace their curves, why is she drinking tasteless formula drinks daily instead of eating healthy full meals?

That doesn’t sound like embracing your curves to me. Maybe her PR team needs to take a look at Jessica’s and go for the natural workout approach.

This week we were asked to read Chapters 11 & 12 in the Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization. The chapters discussed Social Media Tools and using the toools to optimize your website. As a social media newbie I was really interested to read in these chapters all the awesome things you can do with Social tools and to pump up your website.

  • Social Calendars: Are something the book suggests using as a way to get extra exposure, they offer a convenient way for you to post your events in one place . The book recominds using Upcoming because users can search for upcoming events in their region, confirm their attendance at events and share eventswith others.
  • Social Pages: Social Pages are cool becasue instead of creating a page about yourself, you create a page on a particular topic. This works well with search engines because visitors can simple search a simple topic

The book gives a few questions to ask yourself to determine if your website is optimized:

  • Can users interact with the content?
  • Can visitors share the content easily with others?
  • Does the site encourage collaboration?

In order to make your site optimized the book suggests:

  • Integrate your images using Flickr or other image sites
  • Integrate your videos using YouTube or other video sites
  • Integrate other social tools: like calendars and wikis

For this week’s T.O.W. we were asked to feature a guest writer. The guest writer I chose is Marie Walker, she is a fellow classmate of mine and she also  featured my blog post on Toyota moving in the right direction on her blog. I really enjoyed Marie’s take on the Lindsay Lohan/Superbowl commercial controversy. I think it points out a really interesting point involving Lohan and what she should be focusing on to preserve her career! Enjoy Marie’s Blog below:


By: Marie Walker

The E-Trade ad that premiered during the Super Bowl, shown  here, is now the new source of controversy in the great state of California.  Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against E-Trade claiming that the company has improperly invoked her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality” without permission, thus violating her right of privacy.  The complaint, courtesy of TMZ, seems quite unfounded.

I honestly don’t see any likeness being duplicated between the E-trade baby and Lohan.  The baby only had one line to say which was “milk a what?” which does not characterize nor mimic Lohan’s personality in any way, shape, or form.

“Lohan is suing for $50 million in compensatory damages and an additional $50 million in exemplary damages. She also demanded that E*Trade stop running the ad.” (News Briefs)

“They used the name Lindsay,” said Stefanie Ovadia, Lohan’s lawyer. “They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan.” (NY Post)

“Lindsay” was in 2008 the 380th most popular name for newborn American girls, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. That was down from 241th in 2004, when Lohan’s popular film “Mean Girls” was released. (Reuters)

I think this is another sad attempt by Lohan and her handlers to gain publicity for the fallen starlet.  Lohan, who has yet to produce any reputable work since 2004, has a career that is in serious need of resuscitation.  She would be better served if her publicist took her out of the spotlight, cleaned her up, and sent her back out with some new found talent in tow.  This seems like a new low for the star.  I don’t know of anyone who thought of her when this ad was released, myself included.

According to PR newswire’s article, “Toyota Reports March and First Quarter Sales,” Toyota is experiencing a 35.3 percent increase in sales from the same month last year.

Don Esmond, Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations for Toyota said, “Toyota’s strong sales performance in March reflects our customers’ continued confidence in the safety and reliability of our vehicles and their trust in the brand.” He continued by saying: “We are standing by our cars, and we’re grateful that our customers are standing by Toyota.”

Honestly, I think this is really interesting information considering the recall situation that Toyota has been facing. Recently, Toyota ads are constantly on the television (one is on the television, as I type) and they are constantly showing testimonials by Toyota owners about how they still love their Toyota.

This shows how a company even with facing a tough situation like Toyota’s recall can use Public Relations effectively to clean up their image. This also shows that with a traditionally popular and reliable company like Toyota a recall can not convince everyone against their product.

An example like the Toyota Recall shows the importance in Public Relations with crisis management. I believe that Toyota did a good job of addressing the situation. They took the fault for their product and promised their customers a change. They then worked to alleviate the situation and the worked to reverse the situation. While obviously the situation would be better being avoided completely it seems that while it was a bad situation it helped Toyota to take a second look at their product and their image. They have had a more successful month than last year and maybe their increase in advertisements about their tradition of quality product helped to renew their image. This shows with using Public Relations effectively most companies can get out of a “sticky” situation.

For this week we were asked to read chapter 10 of “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization,” on Social Media Newsroom.

A Social Media Newsroom is a place where the media or anyone who wants to know something can:

  • View all the major media coverage on a topic or company
  • See all the past and present news releases
  • Look up all the companies past and future events
  • Read & link book reviews
  • View Bios
  • Upload photos, podcasts, etc

Social Media Newsrooms are important for individuals or businesses that tend to get or want a lot of media coverage or those who put out many news releases. A newsroom tells members of the media and prospective clients that you are making a serious effort to make their jobs easier. However, a social media newsroom should not replace an existing website, your website would still be done on your site but your “SMNR” would be a neutral place where your hold your media materials.

For my Topic of the Week for this week we were supposed to reflect on the topic of  what is it that makes a simple little video like “David After Dentist” become a Viral Video? And then to share two other videos that went viral!

For those of you that haven’t seen “David After Dentist,”(found above) it’s a video that was passed like wildfire through YouTube. The video shows a little kid “David,” who just came back from the dentist. What makes the video funny is the fact that David is a little drugged up on laughing gas! I think what makes a video like “David After Dentist,” so viral is if it follows a few key things. Videos need to be universally funny, meaning videos that anyone of any gender, race or age would think is funny. Videos, should also be relatable or a likely situation. Most people have had a trip to the dentist, or have known someone who has had a trip to the dentist, and would understand a situation that David is going through.

Another Video that has gone “Viral” is “Charlie Bit My Finger.” This video involves two little children being filmed by their parents. Charlie is the youngest and he keeps biting his older brother’s finger, the kicker is that they have cute British accents. What makes this video so viral is the “Cute” factor. Charlie and his older brother are so adorable that the video is funny. It also goes along with the relatable theme. While not everyone can relate to someone biting their finger they can put themselves into this situation and understand what is going on.

Lastly, a video that I personally LOVE is the “The Sneezing BabyPanda.” This video went viral because it was also cute, adorable and funny. It’s also a popular YouTube video because it’s not something you’d see everyday. While many videos are possible because they are situations you encounter, this video is popular because many people do not come into contact with Pandas.

In my opinion, a video becomes “Viral” for a few reasons. A video should be universally understood, funny, relatable to every age, race and gender, and they should be simple. A simple message makes a video quick and to the point and creates a video to quickly catch on.